OpenANC : ANCs : ANC 3/4G [2012-2020 Cycle]

Districts and Commissioners

SMD Election Year Current Commissioner
3/4G01 2020 Lisa R. Gore
3/4G02 2020 John K. Higgins
3/4G03 2020 Randy Speck
3/4G04 2020 Michael Zeldin
3/4G05 2020 Connie K. N. Chang
3/4G06 2020 Peter Gosselin
3/4G07 2020 Charles Cadwell

ANC Info

Notes Called "3/4G" because the ANC is split across both wards. Four SMDs are in Ward 4 and three SMDs are in Ward 3
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New ANCs

These Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, from the next redistricting cycle, cover the same area as this ANC.


Last updated: November 29, 2022