OpenANC : ANC6A (Capitol Hill Northeast)

Districts, Commissioners, and Candidates

SMD Current Commissioner Number of Candidates On Ballot
6A01 Marie-Claire Brown 2 Keya Chatterjee, Marie-Claire Brown
6A02 Phil Toomajian 1 Phil Toomajian
6A03 Michael Soderman 1 Michael Soderman
6A04 Amber Gove 2 Ali Gardezi, Amber Gove
6A05 Ruth Ann Hudson 2 Laura Gentile, Timothy W. Drake
6A06 Stephanie Zimny 3 H.J. Amons, Sr., Robb Dooling, Kate Robinson
6A07 Sondra Phillips-Gilbert 3 Sondra Phillips-Gilbert, Daniel M. Lee, Rico Dancy
6A08 Brian Alcorn 1 Brian Alcorn

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Last updated: October 20, 2020