OpenANC : ANC4C (16th Street Heights - Petworth South)

Districts, Commissioners, and Candidates

SMD Current Commissioner Number of Candidates On Ballot Withdrew
4C01 Charlotte Nugent 2 Vanessa Rubio, Taalib-Din Uqdah Mia Bruner
4C02 Maria Barry 2 Maria Barry, Bobby Curtis King II
4C03 Ulysses E. Campbell 2 Ulysses E. Campbell, Cecelia Waldeck
4C04 Nora Simon 2 Yvette D. Marbury-Long, Steve Donahoe Jeremy Foster
4C05 Debbie Matties 1 Audrey Anderson Duckett Ursula Antares Miller
4C06 Bennett Hilley 2 Mike Whelan, Namatie Sia Mansaray
4C07 Kim Varzi 2 Jacob Mason, Paul Johnson
4C08 Leah Anderson 2 Charles Andrew Sinks, Clara Haskell Botstein
4C09 (vacant) 1 Alan Wehler
4C10 Jonah Goodman 2 Monica P. Blair, Jonah Goodman

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Last updated: October 22, 2020