OpenANC : ANC4A (North Corner - 16th Street Corridor)

Districts, Commissioners, and Candidates

SMD Current Commissioner Number of Candidates On Ballot Withdrew
4A01 Phyllis Caudle Green 2 Katie A. Snyder, Phyllis Green
4A02 Stacey Lincoln 2 Stacey Lincoln, Merrit P. Drucker
4A03 Stephen A. "Steve" Whatley 1 Stephen A. "Steve" Whatley
4A04 Patience R. Singleton 2 Jes'Terieuz "JT" Howard, Patience R. Singleton
4A05 (vacant) 1 Carolyn C. Steptoe
4A06 Candace Tiana Nelson 1 Candace Tiana Nelson Aretha N. Jones
4A07 Marlene Moss 1 Marlene Moss
4A08 Gale B. Black 1 Pavan Ishwar Khoobchandani

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Last updated: October 22, 2020