OpenANC : ANC2A (Foggy Bottom - West End)

Districts, Commissioners, and Candidates

SMD Current Commissioner Number of Candidates On Ballot Write-In Withdrew
2A01 Patrick Kennedy 1 Yannik Omictin
2A02 Nicole Goldin 1 Joel Causey Nicole Goldin
2A03 Trupti "Trip" J. Patel 2 Trupti "Trip" J. Patel, John P. George John Didiuk
2A04 William Kennedy Smith 1 Donna Barbisch
2A05 Evelyn Hudson 1 Evelyn Hudson
2A06 Jeri Epstein 1 Jeri Epstein
2A07 Detrick Campbell 1 Adam Friend
2A08 James Harnett 0

ANC Info

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Last updated: October 22, 2020